//Where 2.0 - Interview with Will Wright// - Last time I met the creator of The Sims was for the launch of Spore, and I took my friend Yoav along to speak from “artist to artist“. We ended up less talking about the game than about Charles and Ray Eames, childhood toys and illegal car racing.
Now, 3 years on, we meet at Where 2.0 in San Francisco. Wright has since left EA and founded the rather secretive Stupid Fun Club to devote more time to robotics and fusing game mechanics with real life. The power of mobile devices that act as sensors make the real world Wright’s new playground.
Although he kept mum about what exactly he is working on right now (and when we can expect to play with it), he revealed that it has broadly to do with predictive models of user behaviour. To “really understand the user” remains the toughest and most enticing challenge for Wright. This goes far beyond Facebook profiles but concerns predictive moods, emotions and schedules. Basically, Wright is trying to crack the code of  “what users really want to do - before they even know they want to do it.” Be prepared, it surely will be legendary.

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